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The insistence and passion to stay alive finally defeated Corona

This is the story of a 70-year-old woman who freed sixes of Corona’s havoc with her passion. His son also gave up hope for her life. The doctors replied that they need ICU but all our ICUs are full, so we cannot shift her to ICU also. On that day, family members only prayed for her, but one of her statements that do not worry, I will be fine. Perhaps it was the spirit that brought her back to life. Losing her eldest son in 1990 and 10 years before, After losing her husband, she did not have much to lose in life. Despite this, she did not give up. Even under this situation she did not lose patience, did not lose courage and the next day after taking her insulin and having breakfast, Asked her younger son, bring the fruits for me. The doctors were also taken aback by her passion and inner strength. Her oxygen level which had come up to 73 was between 80 and 82 on that day and her oxygen level had reached 92 in the next 4 days. She said the same thing If we consider ourselves to be the most important for ourselves, then no corona has the power to defeat us. This will power and perseverance brought her back to life from Corona.
Story told by Ranjeeta Ashesh।

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