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Easter Celebration with Poetry Recitation at Fertile Brains

Fertile brains organized a poetry recitation and it was a moment of elation with exhilarating spirit for all participants. The poetry reading was coincided with celebration of resurrection day of Jesus called Easter. Poets from across the seas joined to have a poetic resonance adding the glory to the event fulfilling the goal of unity in diversity. There were 32 poets who participated from Canada, the UK, the USA, the Philippines, Singapore, and Israel, Greece and other countries including India.

Esteemed poets Richard Spisak, Angela Lansbury, Basudev Paul, Prasanna Bhatta, Nayma Chamchoun, Sushant Thapa, Sylvia Ang, Ronnie Tucker, Dr Gangalaxmi Patnaik, Ray Whitaker, Meena Chauhan, Renukuntla Murali, Dr Roopali Sircar Gaur, Manatita Hutchinson, Isaac Cohen, Tanja Ajtic, Alexandra Psaropoulou, Sreedharan Parokode, Lt. Col. Gopal Pudhani, Mili Das, Gustav Sallas, Dr Gargi Saha, Manjula Asthana Mahanti, Michael Anthony Ingram, Mildred Par, Laxman Rao, Shyamaprasad Patnaik, Dr Janatha Ratheesh, Dr Setaluri Padma, Heera Nawaz, Unmesh Mohitkar
Maria Elvira Fernandez Correia participated and read their poetries.
Prasnna Kkumar with the family of the Fertile Brains coordinated the event and made it successful.



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