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An Artists’ Show held at Art Chowk Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan: A group show (Artist book) of 12 artists/ Educators was held on 2nd May in the Art Chowk gallery of Karachi. Work was displayed of Ayaz Jokhio, khalid Soomro , Munawar Ali syed , Arslan Nasir, Ali haider, Raheela Abro Mehreen Zuberi , Sheema khan, Ayesha Naveed, Shazia Qureshi , Yasmeen Zahra and S,M Raza, Each artist’s work presented was unique and multi dimentional which was attractive for the visitors, among them Ayaz Jokio’s work was on fiction which he called
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events and events are products, real people, living or dead, or have any resemblance to real events, completely coincidental.
Yaseem Zehra’ work was under title
I Am What I Am Not Yet.
Which she present body of work have been made as a ritualistic
process of committing myself to a surface to process words and thoughts for understanding and
learning. Without any preliminary thought or concept, the work starts to explore possibilities
through the manipulation of materials and surfaces, using different images and processes.
Therefore, the work is open-ended and evolving at all times.
sheema khan’s,
Made visual book that
documented layers of developing final work. From contour drawing to three dimensional form,
paper cut by using multiple heads camouflage it with floral pattern gouache,
Raheela Abro’s work was remembrance of mathematical formulla Artist + Book =Artist book.
Khalid Soomro’s Work was on the spritual energies in which he
may reflect the process of life, through seed, earth, sun, moon, water, person,
universe, heart, soul, self, and God, All Artist are affilated with different Art institutes where they produced many Artists.
(Imran Soomro Pakistan)

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