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Poems by Jose Luis Lopez from Puerto Rico , STOKES OF LOVE

Poems by Jose Luis Lopez from Puerto Rico


I outline each segment of the face
while I use the very soft brush
colors that emanate the ideal image
so discover that fresh and gallant skin.

That canvas becomes such a bed
the flame turns red hot
ecstasy is lived in yellow
passion used a soft purple color
her body is totally creamy
her lips fade into fiery red
his eyes are uncovered in dark blue
and expires in the soul that palpates incessantly
the caresses are the scepter shines rampant.

Well, wait to give the photo a breather
of which I impregnate the mouth to feel his kiss
the touch of his fingers protrudes from the painting
a buzz in my ear tells me: I AM YOURS!
a libar makes me tingle inside
is that its presence stimulates the senses
but for that reason it induces spoiled delusions in me
during the fact let’s dwell towards the zenith
we will make an anointing to be that phoenix bird.

Having created in the likeness of said work
for which I will never forget or erase
I always have to adore, respect, more honor
such quality, such majesty, such bliss
melting into a picturesque divine feat
succumb to the pleasure of seeing, touching, you my skill.


The pianist makes his debut!
Travel-ready keyboard.
I feel the strings of your voice
dictate each melody to my skin,
sweeten that kiss touch the membrane,
your cotton season tender your beat,
and that experience drives me to the top,
where we can embrace the sky,
wrap us with the wind music.

I follow that filming of sound poetry,
you speak to me through piano notes,
They are the perfect dose to weld this distinction,
I wish the transformation of the song,
from the one who keeps you as a harpist of my life,
that the novel of which we are telling does not end,
let’s be the scriptwriters of the beautiful concert,
to decorate the happiness that overwhelms us.

What a wonderful pentagram!
The more I touch you, I emit your voice,
More satisfied I go to you.
You are the producer of melodious poetry.
You will be my pentagram, my great lady!

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