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17th Translated Poetry Book Haven TO SOUL, of Rajni Chhabra theMulti-lingual Poetess & Polyglot : released in a grand function

17th Translated Poetry Book HAVEN TO SOUL, of Rajni Chhabra the
Multi-lingual Poetess & Polyglot released in a grand function by Nari Abhivaykati Manch and Nayi Dishayen Helpline, Faridabad, collectively with books of five eminent writers.

It is noteworthy that she has been treading literary corridors since several years and made contribution to literature, composing poems in English, Hindi and Punjabi. She has trans-verted 15 books so far from Hindi, Rajasthani and Punjabi into English as target language.

She told TIN network that Translation helps literature to travel. It is a means through which writers can speak across generations and culture. Translation is perceived as communication between two languages; it acts as a bridge. It is necessary for spreading new information, knowledge and ideas across the world.
Just as composing verses or fiction require meticulous efforts on the part of creator to make it presentable, translation too demands utmost attention. The spirit of content has to be captured, keeping the beauty of both languages intact. Translation is a medium to know about mind set up, sentiments, views of writers composing in other languages and involves liability on the shoulders of translator to retain original fervour. It widens literary corridors, especially, when it is translated into English, it opens wide avenues to get it further translated into regional languages and to transcend linguistic borders on international level too.

She said that Perfection of translation is in the essence of poem written in any language, reaching to readers who are reading it in translated version. The purpose of translation is accomplished when becomes a means to create bonds of affinity through soulful expression as well as picturesque effect of words. It makes the world stronger for the true goal of peace, equality and bliss.

‘ Haven to Soul’ is a compilation of three poetry books of Literary icon and critic Dr. Anju Dua Gemini. It is her humble effort to acquaint the literary world with poetic excellence of Dr. Anju Dua and strengthen bonds of affinity.
Love is a Universal phenomenon, whether it be physical or spiritual. To understand what is love, one has to dive deep in ocean of love, unquestioningly, unconditionally. Love is like eternal flame; once kindled, can not be extinguished. Poems of Dr. Anju Dua Gemini beautifully express depth of love, in a very simple and lucid language, that stirs our emotions, provokes our thought process to understand nature of true love.



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