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Ministry of Civil Aviation to participate in Special Campaign 3.0 from 2nd – 31st October 2023 for disposal of pending matters & promoting Swachhata

MoCA participated in the Special Campaign 2.0 during 02nd -31st October, 2022

With the objective of disposal of pending matters and promoting Swachhata, the Ministry of Civil Aviation is scheduled to participate in the Special Campaign 3.0 from 2nd October till the 31st October 2023, with the preparatory phase for the campaign starting on 15th September 2023.

Ministry of Civil Aviation participated in the Special Campaign 2.0 for disposal of pending matters and Swachhata during 02nd -31st October, 2022 with the objective of institutionalizing Swachhata and reducing pendency in Government offices. Apart from the Ministry, all attached offices, including field offices, Autonomous Bodies and PSUs participated in the campaign. The cleanliness campaign was conducted at 134 locations across the country. During the campaign, a total of 43224 physical files were reviewed, out of which 32919 physical files were weeded out, 42,786 square feet of space freed and revenue of Rs. 2,65,91,760/- generated from scrap disposal. Additionally, 582 Public Grievances and 145 Public Grievance Appeals were also disposed during the campaign.

The campaign continued beyond October 2022. The highlights of the achievements made by Ministry of Civil aviation and its organizations during December 2022 – August 2023 are:

• 6577 Public grievances disposed of 

• 314 MP and VIP references disposed of 

• 109189 square feet of space freed

•  Rs. 2,21,07,809 Revenue earned through scrap disposal

•  11283 files weeded out

• 36 rules simplified

The Ministry of Civil Aviation is committed to build on the objectives and achievements of the previous campaigns.

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