Department of Defence achieves Successful Completion of Special Campaign 3.0 of Swachhata Abhiyaan  with  100% disposal of  All  Identified Targets 

Department of Defence achieves Successful Completion of Special Campaign 3.0 of Swachhata Abhiyaan  with  100% disposal of  All  Identified Target

The Department of Defence has successfully conducted and completed the Special Campaign 3.0. The Special Campaign comprising both the preparation (15 -29 Sep, 2023)  as well as the implementation phase (02-31 Oct, 2023) has encompassed various aspects with emphasis on  inculcating Swachhata as a daily habit so as to ensure a cleaner and decluttered workplace which eventually culminates in the enhanced productivity. During the Campaign, the records management practices were reviewed that included inspection of the Departmental Record Room. As there was heightened focus on defence establishments this year, meetings to review the action plans of all the concerned organizations  were held at the highest levels during the preparatory phase.   

The Department of Defence has achieved 100 % disposal of all the identified targets across various parameters. A total of 88 references from MPs and 1088 public grievances on Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) has been disposed during the implementation phase which also includes simplification of 28 rules/processes. 35,660 physical files have been reviewed out of which 26,948 files have been weeded. In keeping with the overarching thrust of this Campaign on gainful utilization of available resources and generation of revenue from disposal of scrap, the Ministry has generated revenue of Rs. 5,34,000 by way of disposal of furniture scrap and obsolete and condemned IT equipment like photocopier machines in the South Block. In addition, 1,59,351 square feet of space has also been freed up during this exercise. The Ministry has also generated revenue of more than Rs 55 Crore by way of auction of condemned vehicles.

Furthermore, the concomitant Pan-India Swacchata Abhiyan with people-centric engagement has been undertaken across 3066 locations. These locations pertain to various organizations such as Controller General of Defence Accounts, Border Roads Organization, Military Hospitals, Directorate General of National Cadet Corps, Indian Coast Guard, Sainik Schools, Canteen Stores Department and the Cantonments.

It may also be worthwhile to put on record that the journey of the Department of Defence during the Special Campaign 3.0 has been dotted with several milestones. As part of the best practices deployed during the Campaign , Cantonment Board Dehradun started “Polythene Kachra Bank” in Dehradun Cantonment area for disposal of polythene waste. The polythene waste i.e. chips wrapper, polythene packing bags, polythene sacks etc is purchased at Rs 03/- per kg from the people. The collection centres for Polythene Kachra Banks have been installed at three sites in the Cantonment area. The polythene waste collected is then used for manufacturing High Density Composite Polymer (HDCP) tiles, boards etc .

Border Roads Organization has constructed road using steel slag- a waste byproduct of steel manufacturing. A one km long Joram-Koloriang road in Arunachal Pradesh has been constructed using 1200 MT steel slag as part of the Waste to Wealth Initiative.

An erstwhile unutilized room in South Block was cleared of garbage and renovated during the Campaign and transformed into “Ladies Room” where lady employees could refresh themselves as per their convenience.  In addition to this, garbage has been cleared from a particular space on the Ground Floor of the South Block, which was earlier a defunct departmental canteen. The space is under renovation. Positive interventions such as these are worthy of being emulated. 

The Department proposes to showcase some of these initiatives/practices during the Good Governance Week, 2023.



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