Muzaffargarh College students immerse in Pakistan Army experience at Multan Garrison


Muzaffargarh College students immerse in Pakistan Army experience at Multan Garrison

Students and faculty from Muzaffargarh Government Post Graduate College recently participated in a day-long field trip to Multan Garrison alongside the Pakistan Army. The visit, aimed at enhancing understanding and appreciation for the military’s role, provided invaluable insights into the army’s sacrifices and daily operations.

During the visit, students were briefed on the Pakistan Army’s enduring commitment to national security and its strategies for addressing potential threats. They gained firsthand exposure to military life and routines, gaining a deeper appreciation for the discipline and dedication of soldiers.

The highlight of the excursion was the practical demonstration of military activities, including the operation of self-propelled artillery guns and firing procedures. Students were also educated about small arms and communication systems utilized in warfare, further enriching their understanding of defense mechanisms.

Expressing their admiration, students lauded the Pakistan Army for its unwavering defense of the nation, emphasizing the importance of their sacrifices in maintaining peace and freedom. They expressed pride in the army’s prowess, affirming its status as one of the world’s finest.

The visit served to strengthen the bond between civilians and the military, fostering mutual respect and understanding. By experiencing firsthand the dedication and professionalism of the Pakistan Army, students gained a newfound appreciation for the sacrifices made in service to the country.

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