Exercise Agni Prahar, Trainees Undergoes Map Craft Instructor Course

Exercise Agni Prahar, Trainees Undergoes Map Craft Instructor Course

In the era of technology, possessing practical manual knowledge remains crucial for survival, and the AEC excels in imparting this skill. Education is the key to success, and the Indian Army is evolving in the right direction by integrating technological advancements.

Trainees participating in the “Map Craft Instructor Course” at the Army Education Corps (AEC) Training College and Centre are currently navigating the rugged landscapes of mountainous and semi-mountainous terrain as part of Exercise Agni Prahar.

The AEC Training College and Centre, a prestigious institution established on June 15, 1921, has a storied history and a legacy of excellence in military education. Originally formed as the Army School of Education with separate British and Indian wings, it unified under one commandant in 1931. The institution, renamed in 1961 following its affiliation with Dr. Hari Singh Gaur Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar, offers a variety of educational programs including degrees in Education, Library and Information Science, and Education Technology, as well as diploma courses in Audio-Visual and Fundamental Education.

In keeping with technological advancements, the AEC has modernized its facilities to include hi-tech classrooms, intranet and internet connectivity, instructional monitoring systems, fully automated libraries, computer-based language labs, and a GIS system for map reading training. The centre is also equipped with a CBT Production Centre to enhance learning experiences.

As part of its ongoing efforts to adapt and evolve, the AEC is poised to expand its charter to include stress management and counseling, clerks training, educational rehabilitation, and civic action, ensuring its relevance and efficacy in contemporary military education.

Located in the serene hills of Pachmarhi, the AEC Training College and Centre continues to uphold its mission of excellence, preparing its trainees to meet the challenges of tomorrow with precision and resilience.

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