‘हर काम देश के नाम’


Joint India-Uzbekistan Military Exercise ‘DUSTLIK’ conducted at Termez Combined Arms Training Ranges concluded today.

Exercise ‘DUSTLIK’ commenced from 15 Apr 2024 wherein Amogh Division, Saviours of Fazilka Brigade and Mooltan Battalion of Sapta Shakti Command represented the Indian Army, whereas two platoons of Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan represented the Uzbekistan Army.

To stand together and fight terrorism is the resolve of two nations of the world that is India and Uzbekistan. The resolve for peace and fight against terrorism manifested and was amply demonstrated in this joint exercise.

Exercise ‘DUSTLIK’ was the fifth edition of bilateral exercises between India and Uzbekis-tan. The joint exercise focused on Counter Terrorism operations and it was a Platoon level exer-cise and was aimed at achieving maximum cohesion and inter-operability between the two armies with focus on exchange of ideas, concepts and best practices between both the armies.

The exercise culminated with a 48 hour long tactical exercise on Small Team Insertion, Ex-traction and Cordon and Search Operation wherein troops from both the contingents were mixed into buddy pairs, comprising of one Indian and one Uzbeki soldier, thereby achieving maximum cohesion and interoperability between the two armies.

The exercise also gave an opportunity to showcase the rich cultural heritage of India and also to share operational experiences. A cultural evening was also organised showcasing and celebrating the varied and rich culture of both India and Uzbekistan. The participating contingents represented respective countries & shared their insight on Counter Insurgency/ Terrorism Operations which provided great learning value for troops from both the countries.

The exercise had great significance in cementing relationship between India and Uzbekis-tan and further strengthened the resolve of both the countries towards a terrorism free peaceful world.

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